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La Musica
16th & 17th Century Music & a Surprise

CD of Italian renaissance and baroque music and works by unique upstate New York composer Julie Kabat.

Early works by Francesca Caccini, Sigismondo d'India, Alessandro Piccinini, Francesca Campana, Settimia Caccini, Fabritio Caroso, Giovanni Kapsperger, Barbara Strozzi performed by Carol Plantamura, soprano; Jürgen Hübscher, lute, archlute, Spanish baroque guitar; and Beverly Lauridsen, viola da gamba. Julie Kabat, (pitched and spoken voice, glass harmonium, musical saw) is joined by violinist Ben Hudson. Texts, translations and pictures (performers and Caccini medallion rubbing) are included in booklet. Leonarda CD # LE350. Duration 72:45.

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CD cover La Musica



Composers and Music



Francesca Caccini (1587 -ca.1640) (Italy)
1. Chi desia di saper' (1:54)
2. La pastorella mia tra i fiori  (3:28)

1. mp3
Carol Plantamura, soprano; Jürgen Hübscher, Spanish baroque guitar; Beverly Lauridsen, viola da gamba
Sigismondo d'India (ca.1580 -1629) (Italy)
3. La tra'l sangue e le morti (1:50)

3. mp3

soprano, lute, viola da gamba
Alessandro Piccinini (1566-ca.1638) (Italy)
4. Toccata XI (2:34)
5. Corrente XI (2:01)

solo archlute
Francesca Campana (d. 1665) (Italy)
6. Pargoletta, vezzosetta (2:44)

soprano, lute, viola da gamba
Settmia Caccini (1591-ca.1638) (Italy)
7. Già a sperai, non spero hor' più (1:54)

7. mp3

soprano, lute, viola da gamba
Fabritio Caroso (ca.1531-ca.1605) (Italy)
8. Forza d'Amore (1:53)

solo lute
Anonymous (printed 1574)
9. Trista sort' è la mia sorte (2:72)

9. mp3

soprano, lute, viola da gamba
Giovanni Kapsperger (ca.1580-1651) (Germany/Italy)       
10. Figlio dormi (4:19)

10. mp3

soprano, lute, viola da gamba
Barbara Strozzi (1619-1677)
11. Tradimento! (2:39)
12. Che si puo fare? (11:33)
13. Non pavento io non di te (4:12)

12. mp3

soprano, lute, viola da gamba
Anonymous (17th Century)
14. La Folia (6:05)

14. mp3

solo baroque guitar
Julie Kabat (b. 1947)
Five Poems by H.D. (13:11)
15. The Moon in Your Hands (3:19)
16. Evadne (1:45)
17. Oread (1:31)
18. Fragment 113 (1:59)
19. The Helmsman (4:37)

15. mp3
16. mp3

17. mp3

18. mp3
19. mp3
Julie Kabat, spoken voice, glass harmonium, saw; Ben Hudson, violin
Julie Kabat (b. 1947)
20. Invocation in Centrifugal Form (9:55)

20. mp3
Julie Kabat, soprano, glass harmonium


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Production: Kabat recorded by Steve Cellum at St. Michael's Episcopal Parish House, New York City, 1983. Earlier pieces recorded by Marnie Hall (musical producer) and Malcolm Addey (sound recordist) at Congregation Emanu-El of Westchester, Westchester County, New York, 1984. Mastering, Graphic Design: Marnie Hall. Cover Painting "Lady Playing a Lute," Bartolomeo Veneto (ca. 1480-1555), courtesy of the J. Paul Getty Museum, Malibu, California.17th & 17th century music.

Support: This recording is made possible by The New York State Council on the Arts, a state Agency, with additional funding from The Beard's Fund; University of California, San Diego, at La Jolla; Mobil Foundation, Inc.; Dilly Patrick and Philip David Morgan. Rights: Rights: Copyright © Leonarda Productions, Inc., 1983 and 2006. Performing Rights: (Kabat): ASCAP.


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