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The Huntingdon Trio

CD and Performance: "This program is clearly a labor of love for the Huntingdon Trio, who play these compositions with technical expertise, finesse, and warmth. The sound of the Leonarda CD is quite good...a valuable collection of rarely heard music." American Record Guide. "Sound quality is excellent." The Seattle Times.

Music etc.
Czerny: "A jaunty set of classical explorations." Goossens: "A delightful work." Foote: "A transcription of three exotic, flowing piano pieces." Holst: "Probingly mystical, multi-tonal two-movement Terzetto." Hoover: "Rhapsodic and accomplished." Applause (WHYY-FM, Philadelphia).

Goossens: "A suite of postcards with a cheerful British impressionism ... Hoover's nearly 18-minute work is engaging and well-crafted." Musgrave: "A four-minute miniature that places the duo in a compelling, tightly interconnected chase." Philadelphia Inquirer.

Foote: "Tuneful and atmospheric, seemingly redolent of American Indian tunes." Hoover: "Modern in style and consistently well-constructed and listenable." American Record Guide.

Musgrave: "A flashy little nugget." The Double Reed.

"This is an interesting collection of unusual chamber music. Eugene Goossens was best known as a conductor, but his Impressions show a real talent. Holst's Terzetto has none of the bombast of The Planets, but it's recognizably the samecomposer's work in its color and imagination. My favorite piece on the disc is Katherine Hoover's Lyric Trio, yet another fascinating work by this underrated American master. Hoover's lyricism is genuine but definitely of our time. The Huntingdon Trio, in which Rheta Smith doubles on oboe and piano (!), plays everything well. Definitely a worthwhile disc for those who venture off the beaten path." Leslie Gerber, amazon.com editorial review.


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