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The Verdehr Trio

Bruch: "Stalwart examples of German romanticism of a distinctly Brahmsian cast." Deseret News (Salt Lake).

Bassett: "Leslie Bassett's five-movement Trio for violin, clarinet, and piano is an excellent work. The music is impassioned, expansive, and free flowing, rhapsodic perhaps, but never out of control." Notes (Music Library Association). "Deserves 'standard repertoire' status." Pan Pipes of Sigma Alpha Iota.

Hoag: "An exceptionally exciting and appealing work with emphasis on new sounds. It proves that music can be written which explores new directions without sacrificing appeal to a majority of an audience." Pan Pipes of SAI. "To the instrumentation of the trio Hoag has added claves, maracas, a toy cricket, and wire brushes, which adds to the sounds the trio can produce, and serves his compositional purposes well. I like Inventions. Pieces such as this, which are meant to be evocative, can often be nothing but gimmicky uses of bizarre instruments. But Hoag's touches are right, and he paints a convincing picture." American Record Guide.

Hoover: "Images is a real find; it percolates with inventiveness ... It is a mysterious and a strong, dynamic piece." Discography III by Richard Gilbert, (Grenadilla Productions). "If one were forced to categorize this piece, one useful phrase would be 'modern impressionism.' It is attractive well written music." Pan Pipes.

Performance: "The Verdehr Trio is the best of its kind." American Record Guide. "Splendid performance ... a veritable tour-de-force of musical styles and techniques." Discography III by Richard Gilbert (Grenadilla Productions).


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