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Marga Richter
Snow Mountain: A Spiritual Trilogy

Qhanri: "Qhanri should be in the repertoire of every virtuoso cellist...it provides for a great display of technical prowess, it explores the tonal range of the instrument and it is an important addition to the cello literature. The performance of cellist David Wells is first-rate." Kay Pech Anshutz, IAWM Journal (International Alliance for Women in Music). "[Qhanri] is highly romantic, and vacillates between action and contemplation. Theorists and composers would be in their element analyzing this composition, while others can revel in its wonderful expressions of various moods." Jocelyn Mackey, Pan Pipes of Sigma Alpha Iota. "Qhanri has the power to touch deep emotional and psychic areas within us and our audiences - it is music beyond the pale - a masterpiece." David Wells (to whom the work is dedicated). "Richter maps the depths of the cheerful Tibetan people in predominantly tonal music of dignity, restraint and, finally, serenity." Rob Barnett, www.musicweb-international.com

Requiem: "A melancholy and often heavenly piece with an almost Romantic intensity." Allan Kozinn of The New York Times. "One cannot help being aware of the heart-felt expression that the composer / performer brings to [Requiem]." IAWM Journal.

Landscapes of the Mind II: "One of the most attractive contemporary pieces I have heard in a long time." Harris Goldsmith, Musical America. "A compelling, mysterious, brooding piece well worth adding to the standard repertory." Charles Shere, Oakland Tribune. "quite hypnotic." Rob Barnett, www.musicweb-international.com

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