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The Vocal-Chamber ART
Music by Judith Lang Zaimont

"Zaimont is clearly a composer of the first rank and her music deserves the widest circulation...A wide range of moods is also tellingly delineated here; there is much variety of atmosphere from song to song and cycle to cycle, and Zaimont clearly possesses a keen sense of characterization, pacing, and drama. Best of all, each cycle inhabits its own distinct emotional world ... Zaimont invariably composes excellently for both voices and instruments." The New Music Connoisseur. "This is a CD well worth having." Glyn Pursglove, www.musicweb-internstional.com

Greyed Sonnets: "A very moving cycle to women poets." The New York Times.

Chansons Nobles et Sentimentales: "Haunting settings of delicate verses" Stereo Review.  "...vocal line of great beauty and lyricism supported and enhanced by the piano part...An important contribution to American song literature." American Music.

Songs of Innocence: "Showed great depth and feeling." Memphis Press-Scimitar.

Two Songs for Soprano and Harp: "The harp writing is substantial, varied, sonorous, and idiomatic without clichés; the vocal lines are gracious and expressive, with a relaxed and accurate treatment of text prosody." Perspectives of New Music.

The Magic World: "Exhilarating and sometimes spectacular replication of the Indian's spirit and creed ­ his flower songs, his ghost dance, his storm song stamping a whirlwind, lightnings, thunder and great rains, his mystic, destructive spells." Deseret News (Utah). "This is a piece of considerable poetic and incantatory power." Ovation.

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