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The New York Bassoon Quartet

Bassoonists Bernadette Zirkuli, Jane Taylor, Lauren Goldstein and Julie Feves perform a piece by Prokofiev, early American tunes arranged by Christopher Weait, and new music by eight American composers. Leonarda CD #LE348. Duration 73:30

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MP3 samples

Christopher Weait (arr.) (b.1939) (England/Canada/USA)
Suite of Early American Tunes for Bassoon Quartet (arr.1965) (11:44)
1. General Wayne's March (1:25)
2. Hymn Tune "Work for the Night is Coming" (2:43)
3. Waltz and Dexter's Air (3:29)
4. Lady Bruce's Reel, Minor Hornpipe, Durang's Hornpipe(1:56)
5. Cobbs' Superior (1:05)
6. Capt. Mulligan (:55)

Weait 1. mp3

Weait 6. mp3
John Corigliano (b.1938) (USA)
7. How Like Pellucid Statues, Daddy
(Or like a...an engine)
(4:45) (1994)

Corigliano 7. mp3
Sergei Prokofiev (1891-1953) (Russia/France/Russia)
8. Humerous Scherzo, Op. 12 bis (2:50)
(Opus date: 1906-1913. Arr. for bassoons by composer in 1915)

Prokofiev 8. mp3
William Schuman (1910-1992) (USA)
Quartettino (4:17) (1939)
  9. Ostinato (1:08)
10. Nocturne (1:11)
11. Valse (:45)
12. Fughetta (1:03)

Schuman 11. mp3
John Harbison (b. 1938) (USA)
13. Canzonetta (5:00) (1962)

Harbison 13. mp3
Peter Schickele (b.1935) (USA)
14. Last Tango in Bayreuth (2:26) (1973)

Schickele 14. mp3
Katherine Hoover (b.1937) (USA)
Sinfonia (10:59) (1977)
15. Introduction and Funeral March (7:46)
16. Allegro Vivace (3:09)

Hoover 15. mp3

Hoover 16. mp3
Alvin Brehm (b.1925) (USA)
Colloquy and Chorale (6:52) (1974)
17. Colloquy (3:28)
18. Chorale (3:20)

Brehm 17. mp3
Vaclav Nelhybel (1919-1996) (Czech./USA)
Concert Etudes for Four Bassoons (10:34) (published 1978)
19. Allegro Vivo (2:50)
20. Allegretto (1:13)
21. Canon: Andante Moderato (3:30)
22. Allegro (2:52)

Nelhybel 19. mp3

Nelhybel 21. mp3
Rudolph Palmer (b. 1952) (USA)
Contrasts for Four Bassoons (13:14) (1976)
23. Moderato (7:11)
24. Allegretto (6:00)

Palmer 23. mp3

Palmer 24. mp3


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Production: 1999 recording (Weait, Corigliano, Prokofiev, Schuman, Harbison): Marnie Hall, producer and microphones; David Smith, console. Recorded in New York City at Town Hall. Post Production in 1999: Marnie Hall. DDD. 1979 recording (Schickele, Hoover, Brehm, Nelhybel, Palmer): Joanna Nickrenz, producer; Marc Aubort, engineer. Recorded in New York City at Rutgers Church. Post Production in 1979: Nickrenz/Aubort. ADD. CD Mastering: Marnie Hall. Graphic Design: Marnie Hall. Cover Drawing of Bassoons: Bernadette Zirkuli. Notes edited by Marnie Hall. Prokofiev information condensed and edited by permission from http://www.prokofiev.org. Support: This recording is made possible with public funds from The New York State Council on the Arts, a state agency.

Rights: Copyright © 2002, Leonarda Productions, Inc. All rights reserved. Performing Rights: Weait: SOCAN (BMI in USA). Prokofieff: GEMA (BMI in USA). Harbison and Schuman: BMI. Other composers: ASCAP. Music Publishers: Weait: Christlieb Products, Sherman Oaks, California. Phone 888-783-6554. Corigliano: G. Schirmer/Music Sales. Prokofiev: Robert Forberg Verlag; U.S. agent: C. F. Peters Corp. Schuman: Peer International. Harbison: Bubonic Publishers (Minnesota). Schickele: Theodore Presser. Hoover: Papagena Press. Nelhybel and Brehm: Colgems/EMI.


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