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The New York Bassoon Quartet

"The remastering of those originals [1979 recording] has been beautifully done and fits perfectly with the new works added to the present CD ... all four members are equally excellent in musicianship and technical ability. The recording also is very well produced with a nice 'concert hall' presence to the sound. Individually the works are in a sense all 'classics' of the genre ... All the works on this CD are given an excellent interpretation by this super ensemble. I am impressed with their overall musicianship (dynamics, ensemble, interpretation, tempos, etc., etc.). It is obvious that they have been together for a long time and love what they are doing. I strongly recommend this fine CD to you. " Ronald Klimko, The Double Reed.

"Multiple bassoons can be quite wonderful, if the players can achieve blend, balance and stylistic unity. All of those things the New York Bassoon Quartet possess in generous quantities ... this CD is a delight to listen to. There is superb music here, with music-making and musicianship to match, all captured flawlessly in this very fine recording." Gwyn Parry-Jones, www.musicweb.uk.net. 

"The four fabulous females of the New York Bassoon Quartet have given us what I have been harping about for years--a serious bassoon quartet album ... The pieces are too numerous for extensive commentary, but all are excellent. ... There are ten works, each with a stylistic difference that makes for a varied recital ... These ladies have set the bar very high for performance and programming." Ritter, The American Record Guide.

"Ordinarily buried under the masses of a symphony orchestra, or confined to the bass part in a woodwind quintet, the New York Bassoon Quartet brings about the opportunity for an underrated double reed to shine unhindered. John Corigliano's How Like Pellucid Statues distinctly explores the unique sound world achievable with this unusual, albeit homogenous combination of instruments. Peter Schickele uses the quartet for a tongue-in-cheek, if not slightly klutzy, tango based on Wagner's infamous 'Tristan' chord and leitmotif from "Tristan und Isolde". Other standouts include John Harbison's expressive Canzonetta and Alvin Brehm's energetic Colloquy and Chorale. Randy Nordschow, NewMusicBox, The American Music Center.

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